Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Time to Tend to the Garden

In theory, I like gardening in real life.  In reality, what
I really like is the end result of all of that hard
work -- a beautiful garden!  Unless, of course,
the fruit of my labors has been eaten up by the
bugs, trampled down by the neighbors' cats, or otherwise
assaulted by one of nature's forces.  ;)

Gardening in mini, on the other hand, can be
just as challenging, but rarely results in a
sunburn, lol.

The secret to growing a great-looking miniature
plant is, of course, starting with a good
potting soil.  
1/12th Scale Potting Mix by Cindi's Minis

And I thought the mini peeps might need a few 
birdhouses to add interest to the garden.  :)
1/12th Scale Birdhouse Vignette

Closeup of Birdhouse Vignette detail

Happy mini-gardening to all the mini gardeners
out there.  Don't forget the sunscreen!  ;)
by Cindi's Minis.

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