Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

It's been awhile since I made a post, had to dust off the blog dashboard.  ;)

After completing the luggage orders, I started working
on Spring-inspired minis.  This is a birdhouse vignette
and a 1/12th scale model of a 1/12th scale "miniature living garden"
which makes it a 1/144th scale garden in a 1/12th scale garden pot.
The 'stone' pathway leads to a 1/144th scale park bench
which sits in the shade of the tree overlooking the flower
garden and miniature gazing ball.  

I've made several of each in different colors and arrangements and
I love them all, but these two
are my favorites and I think I will really regret it if I let them go so they've
found a new home in my own miniature patio.  :D

Have you ever sold a miniature that you wish you'd kept
for yourself?  Of course, it's impossible for me to keep everything
I make as my need to create exceeds the amount of
space that I have, so I'm happy when my
creations find a new home with
another collector who enjoys them as much as I do!

Ok, that's all from me for now.  I must get back to work.
The miniature show is less than a month away and
I'm in panic mode.  Until next time, Happy Minimaking!  :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

New Luggage Sets

Good morning, everyone and Welcome to my new Followers!
I'm trying to make my way around to all of the blogs.
There's so much creativity in the mini community!

I haven't posted in awhile as I'm still really busy with
luggage sets and also some real world spring cleaning.
(I much prefer mini-making, lol!)

I'm also currently working on a custom order luggage set in 3/4" scale.  It's very
challenging as I've never worked in this scale before.  Has
anyone else tried 3/4" scale?  It's a nice step for me as I have been
planning on making the luggage in 1/2" scale for awhile now anyway and
3/4" scale is halfway between one inch scale and half inch scale.

After I catch up on the luggage orders, I'm looking forward to switching gears
to either plants or 1/144th scale houses/furnishings.  I am
preparing for another mini show so there's lots to do!

(My "to-do list" keeps getting longer.  ;))

Speaking of which, I better get back at it.  Toodles for now.  :)