Thursday, May 15, 2014

BassomBear's Awesome Bears (and other critters)

Bassom Bear (Gayle) has been making beautiful miniature
bears and other critters for a long time.  
She's been selling them on Etsy since January 2007.

Her work is amazing.  This lil chick made his way
across the pond to me a couple of years ago.

She also makes bunnies!

But time moves on, as they say, and Gayle has announced
she's closing her Etsy shop.  So, if you want to
adopt one of her amazing works of miniature art, hurry now
before they're gone!

We wish you well, Gayle, and hope to see your creations
again in the future.  Thank you for raising the
bar for miniature stuffed animals and for
inspiring all of us to be a kid again.


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