Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mini Les Bois 2013 Treasures

Vintage Trunk by C.L. Kaset
August 1988
Magic Hands Miniatures

I found some great treasures at the Mini Les Bois miniature show April 20th and 21st.
The craftsmanship on this trunk is phenomenal.  I think it might become a toy chest
 in a vignette with my Under the Sea nursery collection.
Or, it might find a place of honor in the attic once I finish my dollhouse.  

I love that the lid stays open without propping it up.  

If anyone has any more information about this artisan, please message me.

My second great find was this old time file cabinet by T-E.

I love that the drawers really open; can't wait to stuff it with worn and
tattered folders stuffed with dog-earred papers and receipts.

Such fine craftsmanship!  I'm sure I'll find a great spot to put this --- maybe
Grandma's room doubling as a night stand.  Both of my grandmothers
practiced upcycling long before there was a term for it and "Grandma's Room" 
in my dollhouse will reflect that part of them which they passed on to me.  :)

The craftsmanship on this table and chairs is remarkable!  I love it so much.
Pictured with a beautiful vase made by Bertie Pittman of  Bertie's Miniatures.
Flowers by Joyce of Mostly Art.

The makers' mark on the bottom of the table and a chair.  Perhaps someone
will recognize it and I can give credit to the artisan.

The table with the leaves dropped (it really works!) displaying some of the
groceries and cleaning supplies made by Cindy Gonzales of CindisMinis that
I picked up for the mini peeps.  This photo does not do them justice.  The
labels are so crisp and clear that, with the aid of a magnifying glass, one
can read the nutritional information! 

I love everything I added to my collection at the show.  I also bought some supplies
 and a few other odds and ends that will make their way into my dollhouse
 as-is or perhaps with a few adjustments here or there.  ;)

Until next time, happy mini-making!