Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My First 3D Printed Miniatures

When I first heard of 3D printed miniatures, or 3D printed anything
for that matter, I was immediately intrigued with the possibilities --
even if I didn't fully understand the science behind it.

I've read about the process with fascination; watched videos with almost
disbelief as a 3-dimensional object is 'printed' right before my eyes. 

And finally, I took the plunge.  A few weeks ago I ordered my first 
3D printed miniatures from Shapeways.  If you're unfamiliar with
Shapeways, they are a 3D printing service that allows designers
to upload their 3D designs to their own storefront.  Once an order
is placed, Shapeways handles the actual printing and shipping of
the products.  How cool is that?!?

 3d printed dollhouse miniatures
My order arrived today and I am thrilled with my purchases!
Everything is perfectly to scale and I can't wait to put them
into a scene.  
The laundry basket is designed by Modern Dollhouse.

My only surprise is that they have a texture to them which I wasn't
expecting with the "White Strong & Flexible Polished" option.  
They are also available in various colors which I may try out with my next order!

Until next time, happy mini-making!


  1. So cool! I see some 3D printed minis in my future too! lol! Love that basket!

  2. I really love that technology is expanding what we can achieve in miniature. You know the coloured versions are just the white versions, painted. So if you feel confident with a spray can, you can paint them yourself =0)

    1. Me too!
      Thank you for the painting tip! I may try painting the desk minis black. hmmm..... :)

  3. Marvelous! :D Yes, many of the pieces do have a texture, but I would imagine this will all improve as the technology advances.

    1. It's so exciting to watch the progress. In the almost 30 years I've been collecting miniatures, the hobby has grown in leaps and bounds. Can't wait to see what the future holds!