Monday, December 17, 2012

Upgrading a Mass Produced Refrigerator

Years ago when I started stockpiling miniatures for my then "future" dollhouse, I purchased what was, at the time, the most current refrigerator on the market.   But over time, the fridge looked dated and less than impressive.

Several times, while cleaning and organizing my studio and mini stash, I considered throwing it away.  But I always kept it, thinking that 'someday' I would recycle it into a more modern version of itself.  'Someday' kept getting put off -- I think I was concerned I wouldn't like the end result.  Finally, I decided to roll up my shirt sleeves and take the plunge.  I'm glad I did!

Refrigerator with handles removed and hole cut in left side door

I first removed the handles to the side-by-side doors and then cut a square hole in the left side door.

Then I fashioned the water and ice dispenser using wood, black paper coated with sealer, a straw, and polymer clay.

I reattached the handles and painted the entire outside black.  It took several coats.  Then I sealed it with Krylon Matte Sealer.

Refrigerator, front view

Side view

Close up of water/ice dispenser.

In it's new home in my mini kitchen.  :)
I still need to make and add some decals to represent the command buttons.  It's on my list of things to do.  :)

The next project, of course, is stocking the fridge. :D


  1. Wow fantastic makeover on the fridge. It looks great.
    Hugs Maria

  2. Thank you, Maria and Carmen. I'm eager to get back to work on the inside of the fridge but real life keeps getting in the way. ;)