Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Meet the Staff

A lot of people have been posting pictures of their workspaces
lately and I must say I really enjoy a peek into the
world of the creative people I so much admire.  
But, I haven't
quite worked up the courage to share photos of my
own workspace yet.  I suppose it's not really any different than
anyone else's, but it's mine.  My own personal little
space where I get to shut the world out and let my imagination
create new worlds for me and, hopefully, for the
collectors who purchase my works.

So in lieu of showing my workspace, I'm going to introduce you
to the WCM staff.  :) 
Meet Mickey and Hershel.
As you can see, Mickey's office
is on the "2nd floor" and he's our ("our" meaning "my")
Investment Manager.  Here's a closer look.
 Mickey helps me save my pennies for a rainy day.
I'm not quite sure what his staff does.  They just
kind of hang out and look cute.  :)

Hershel's office is on the third floor and he has a
staff of two.  They're twins -- CootieBug1 and CootieBug2.  :)
I have a high-calorie compensation package 
(e.g. I get paid in chocolates ;)).
I just turn the Hershey's tag crank and a delicious
little chocolate Kiss is dispensed into Hershel's hands.
It's the cutest thing ever!  And sure beats standing
in line at the bank to cash a paycheck!  :-)

It must have been Bring Your Kid to Work Day when
that photo was taken as there appears to be a
tiny Hershel on the floor between his feet.  ;P

Ok, all kidding aside, I suppose it's no big surprise that
my office/workroom would be filled with whimsical
knickknacks, childhood memorabilia, and anything
else that makes me smile and inspires my creativity.

I just recently added this adorable little Rock Family made by
Zeenawackcrafts to my whimsical collection.
Aren't they CUTE?!?  They're keeping a
Jack In The Box antenna ball company on another shelf.  :)

All right, that's all for now.  Thanks for reading and
I'll see ya next time.  <3


  1. Yes, this family is very cute. All those different eyes have such personalities. What a nice family and I'll bet you anything that that tan one in the front, is pregnent. The pitter, patter of little rock feet are on the way.

  2. LOL.....I love this post! =)